Durham Report Explained – Everything was a Lie


Particular counsel John Durham revealed in his report that every one American intelligence businesses knew the Trump-Russian collusion story was a lie. You can read the full 300-page report here. Hillary Clinton wanted a technique to take the warmth off of her e-mail scandal and was the mastermind behind this plot. The CIA and FBI knew and not using a shadow of a doubt that the Steele File was a lie designed by Clinton to take down Trump. The FBI then leaked deliberate misinformation to the press to sentence Trump on behalf of Hillary and the Democrats.

Christopher Steele was bribed $1 million to put in writing his fictional Steele File. Igor Danchenko was identified to be Russian intelligence. Intelligence businesses paid Danchecnko 1 / 4 of 1,000,000 USD to disclose categorized info to again Steele’s claims. He couldn’t present any proof because it didn’t exist, however he was paid anyway. Former intelligence chair Shiff mentioned he noticed first-hand proof of Russian collusion — a whole lie.

Will anybody be held accountable for these excessive crimes? All Individuals must be utterly outraged that we have been lied to by our intelligence businesses and media retailers in an try to change our election. It is a direct assault on our freedom and electoral course of. Hillary is aware of she is above the regulation and may commit crimes within the open with out penalty and even criticism. Obama, Biden, the FBI, the CIA, and quite a few politicians knew that every part concerning “Russian collusion” was a whole lie. Trump was appropriate — this has been one of many largest witch hunts in American historical past.

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